RUSH Submissions

To submit to RUSH a Digital Imprint of Fifth Ink Publishing, please send your query to with “RUSH – [your title and word count]” in the subject field.


What we’re looking for:

Scorching hot short reads, from 7,500 words to 25,000 words.

Please submit queries for only completed, fully polished manuscripts, unless previously arranged otherwise with an editor. Queries must include the following and will not be reviewed if any piece is missing:

-We accept email submissions only


For RUSH submissions:

-We accept Microsoft Word documents.

-Include a brief bio (250 words or less) include your writing background, publishing history, and links to your social media accounts (Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and website/blog).

-Tell us about your novel:
–Word Count
—Your pen name, if applicable.
–Series or standalone. If it’s a series, please tell us how many books you plan on including in the series and tell us a little about what you have planned for each book in the series.
— If this manuscript is the first of a serial, please provide the entire layout of the serial. (The serial must be complete).
–Give us a brief description in 250 words or less.

-Attach the first 1,500 words ONLY

-Upon submission, you automatically agree that this work is original and no copyright or plagiarism laws have been infringed upon.

-Please allow 6-8 weeks before sending us a follow up email.

-We DO NOT accept previously published or self-published works for the RUSH imprint.

-Books that include ANY of the following will NOT be considered for publication:
– Rape
-Any character involved in explicit sexual acts under the age of eighteen years old.
– Pedophilia
– Necrophilia (Does not apply to “undead” characters such as zombies)
– Hate messages that are directed toward any gender, race, religion, or sexuality

We will not permit any explicit content in regards to child molestation, child rape, or incest under any circumstances. References, dialogue in explanation, symptoms that come from such acts, therapy sessions, and so forth are permitted as long as the characters discussing such acts are over the age of eighteen years old. We do understand that many darker books contain plot lines that may be considered disturbing to some, however, we will only consider manuscripts that are tasteful in their delivery.

-If we ask for your full manuscript, please format it according to our formatting guidelines listed below.

Formatting Guidelines

-All files should be in Microsoft Word
-Font Style: Times New Roman
-Font Size: 12pt
-No headers/footers/page numbers
-Line Spacing: 1.5
-Use formatted, indented paragraphs ONLY (no tabs or spaces) .2-.5 first line indents.
-No extra spaces between paragraphs except for scene breaks
-Mark scene breaks with 3 asterisks (***)

Fifth Ink Publishing reserves the right to decline any manuscript even if it falls within our acceptable limits.