Why should I submit to Fifth Ink Publishing?
Because we’re dedicated to your success as well as the company’s success as a whole. If you’re successful, we’re all successful. We are a team! Our authors are our number one priority therefore we are a quality publisher, not a quantity publisher. We truly care about you and your books. We also offer higher royalties than most traditional publishers.

Do you offer an advance?
Not at this time, but hopefully someday in the future we will be able to.

My book was previously self-published. Can I still submit it?
Yes, as long as it hasn’t been published in the last six months.

Will my book be available in brick and mortar stores?
Not automatically,  but all of our books are available through Createspace and Ingram for bookstores and libraries to order. If you want them to be on the shelves, you can go in and talk to your local bookstores and see if they will order them through Ingram. While you’re there it wouldn’t hurt to ask about a book signing. 😉

What will you do to market/advertise my book?
Help set up cover reveals, release day blitzes, blog tours, sales and promotions, as well as paid advertising through Facebook and book promotional sites. Your book will also be promoted in Facebook groups, on all of our social media platforms, and newsletter. We strongly suggest you market and advertise your book as well.

How do royalties work?
On copies of English language electronic editions (ebooks) sold worldwide, our authors will receive 40% of royalty income collected by Fifth Ink Publishing on the first 1,500 copies sold from  various retailers, including Amazon, B&N, iTunes, and Kobo. After 1,500 copies are sold our authors will receive 50% of royalty income collected by Fifth Ink Publishing. On copies of English language print editions (paperback or hardcover) sold worldwide, our authors will receive 30% of royalty income collected by Fifth Ink Publishing from various retailers, including Amazon and any others. You will be provided with a detailed Excel sheet of your sales and royalties on all platforms, on the 20th of each month for the prior month (unless it falls on a weekend day, then you’ll receive the Excel sheet the following Monday). Royalty payments are paid quarterly, approximately 6-8 weeks after the quarter ends.

Do you pay for the book signings or events your authors go to?
No, unfortunately we are unable to do that. However, we will email you once a month with book signings and events that you can sign up for and we will provide you with discounted “swag” for purchase to take to those events. 

Can I purchase my print books at a discounted price?
Yes, you will receive our publisher discount. You will also be provided with ONE free print copy of your book as a gift from Fifth Ink Publishing to you. Providing that your book is available in print format. Not all books will be available in print.

How long is the contract for a book? If I’m unhappy with anything during my contract, is it possible for me to get out of the contract?
Our contracts are for three years. If you are unhappy we hope that you contact us and address your concerns. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. We want your publishing experience with Fifth Ink Publishing to be positive and successful. If at any time you feel that we are not holding up our end and doing what we should be doing, please let us know. We will try our best to fix whatever it is. If the issue is not being resolved within 3-6 months of you contacting us with your concerns, we will discuss terminating or shortening the contract and getting you your rights back. Though we hope that never happens and we don’t believe that it ever will. 🙂