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As a small indie press, publishing costs are very steep for us and marketing costs even more so. Publishing costs include: editing, formatting, cover design, image rights, ISBNs, distribution fees, PR, etc.

Fifth Ink Publishing is on the road to making big waves in the indie publishing industry and we would love your help on our journey! To help us get our titles onto some of the best seller lists and turn our authors into best-selling authors, we’ve decided to open the door for donations to help with the cost of marketing.

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What will you get in return? The BIGGEST virtual hug ever from all of our team and a free Fifth Ink Publishing eBook of your choice. We will also send you a letter via snail mail stating what your donation helped with.



Splish splash! We’re making waves and it’s all because of you.
A HUGE thank you from Fifth Ink Publishing to you!



Erica M. Christensen
Owner & CEO